Measure movement from video

Markerless motion capture to compute
Motion and
Musculoskeletal forces from
Mobile devices

Biomechanical analysis toolkit in your pocket

Our technology leverages cloud computing and combines computer vision, deep learning, musculoskeletal modeling, and physics-based simulation to measure motion and musculoskeletal forces from smartphone videos.

Record videos from iOS app
Support for all iPhones, iPads, and iPods
Visualize movement on web app
Visualization and interactive plotting
Export results and reports
Raw data and API for advanced analysis
Our technology builds on top of software we developed at Stanford University
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A package that suits your needs

Choose an existing package, request customization, or work with us to merge our technology into your system
"Ideal for users who are familiar with biomechanical data and can make use of existing software for post-processing (eg, Python, R, Matlab)."

Use our base package to compute motion from videos. Get raw kinematic data as output, such as joint angles, center of mass trajectory, pelvis (root segment) motion, and muscle-tendon lengths. Use our dashboard to plot biomechanical quantities.        

"Ideal for users who want to go beyond motion tracking and understand what is happening under the skin at the force level."

Use our force package to compute motion and musculoskeletal forces from videos. In addition to kinematic data, get raw force data as output, such as ground reaction forces, muscle forces, joint moments, joint loads, and muscle fiber dynamics.                    

"Ideal for users, such as practitioners, who want data automatically processed and reports with actionable insights."

Use our specialize packages for automated processing and analysis of your data. Get your walking, running, squatting, lunging, balancing, standing, jumping, pitching, throwing, serving, swinging data automatically analyzed and summarized in reports in minutes.

"Ideal for users who want to leverage our technology and biomechanical expertise to outperform their competitors."

Let's discuss your needs and customize your package. Get the data your want in the format your need for your applications.

"Ideal for users who have deployed systems in which they want to incorporate our technology."

Merge our customized technology into your system.

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